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Hidden Coast Scenic Byway

Let's go to the beach!

Start the journey as you leave Hoquiam on State Route 109. Views of Grays Harbor start the moment you leave this city. You'll find shorebird viewing then seafood purchasing as you head toward the ocean.

As you begin to make the turn at Hogan's Corner (turn left and you're on your way to Ocean Shores), continue on this two-lane state highway and you reach Ocean City.

Next up is Iron Springs where you'll have a clear view of the ocean crashing onto the beach. And all this from the comfort of your car. Then on you head to Roosevelt Beach with free, public access where you may drive directly onto the beach.

Off you go to your next stop. This is the "idea town" of Seabrook. It grows in a planned pace where every home or business addition lends itself to the entire development.

And you've been looking for all those banks of stop lights, car pool and turn lanes, taillights in your congested interstate back-up? Well, you've arrived at your major intersection. The one four-way stop with a turn to the west onto the western-most Main Street in the contiguous U.S. Welcome to Pacific Beach! Easy to walk, it's a four-block town with the beach and ocean steps off First Street.

Next up, Moclips with spectacular bluff ocean views. And, then it's the end of this hidden route with the village of Taholah.

In 1967, the portion of State Route 109 west of SR 109 spur was designated as a Washington State Scenic and Recreational highway. East of the spur that connects through Hoquiam to US 109 received designation in 1993.

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